On being “open-minded”

“Having an open mind is as good as not having an opinion.” A mild reiteration of Chesterton, thrown to me all too many times by coworkers itching to impose their political agenda or philosophical view on global ethics, capital punishment or some other topic of the sort. I sometimes laugh at the constant collisions between … Continue reading On being “open-minded”


General musings on Hesse’s interpretation of Nietzsche in “Demian”

It is few and far apart that one finds themselves fully invested in a book. Twice I have been granted such investment. The first in Descartes Meditations, and a second time in Hesse’s Bildungsroman Demian, both for drastically different reasons. Despite both a small volume, it is often with books of a small size that … Continue reading General musings on Hesse’s interpretation of Nietzsche in “Demian”

On Education

Everyone agrees that education is hugely important. The thing is, we’re not particularly sure what we want from it. It’s clear that schools fail (not just on paper) a percentage of the students they see, whether it’s a highly academic private school or in troubled government run ones. Natural aptitudes, curious ingenuity and talent get … Continue reading On Education