On Mental Breakdowns


Life often requires us to be “sane” pretty much all the time. We have to be polite, reliable, patient, responsible, productive, logical and successful in all these obligations. The problem is that really, no one can keep going like this for a lifetime. These burdens are too much for our delicate minds and society doesn’t leave much room for those who cannot handle these burdens. Society demands us to be at the lecture, 9AM sharp, having read and done last nights’ work, ready to actively participate. The pressure seems to leave when we go to sleep, past midnight, but we very well on the side may be drinking too much, addicted to the internet or sedatives, or overall just wallowing in disdain for life and society.

We push ourselves to meet the targets of others, the media is toxic to our minds, the relationships with our bodies and our families never meet our unrealistic expectations. There is no wonder why everyone has periods of mental breakdown- whether this be by panic attacks, simply taking a week off for oneself, or even long term responses like GAD or depression.  These periods of non-“sanity” are to be taken seriously. Humans are not robots, but rather complex collections of matter that need careful and sympathetic care. Society as a whole should realize these are legitimate responses to the world, and those having them deserve wholesome and thoughtful care.

Artwork by Marcel Lisboa

3:32PM 2016.06.04

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