People have so many thoughts. Often I find myself always falling short on ways to express these thoughts coherently and honestly. When I speak, I find myself tripping over words, saying something so vaguely or something I don’t really mean. I feel regretful afterwards. My grasp on verbal language is so limiting it is a huge detriment, especially intellectually. This blog will hopefully help me better interpret what I am thinking into correct and coherent words.
Youth is tiring and difficult, and often at times can make you feel like you’re always on edge. There’s also the more adventurous and daring feel to it. Its natural that people fail or make mistakes, but it may be a touchy subject for the society as a whole. One should comfort themselves by saying that one mistake or failure is not the end of the world. Youth undoubtedly carries the most beautiful memories- and I want to document my emotions and sentimentality during this time. Youth also carries anxieties and insecurities. I will turn 21 this year, and every day that passes makes me realize how much of a marathon this thing we call “life” is. This probably won’t be anything special, but years from now, I know I will look back at these times and emotions through rose colored lenses. Random topics I find interesting, things I become momentarily obsessed with, infatuations, fads and everything else. I want to tell a lot of good stories. I don’t want to just blandly say “cheer up” or “be strong.” I want to comfort people in my own way, and I will be okay if the only person I comfort is myself…
12:30AM 02.06.16



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