Rosenzweig’s T.V.

Rosenzweig's essay "Can TV Improve Us?" refers to prime time television characters depicting American society to be solely made up of photogenic young people with disintegrating families and liberal attitudes about sex. Seeing as television was being blamed for certain types of negative behaviours Rosenzweig suggests that television could also possibly influence and create positive … Continue reading Rosenzweig’s T.V.


Misemployment in Arts Undergrads

There are many times when I question the legitimacy of my degree, and whether finishing my degree is worthwhile- I have spent 3 out of 4 years working on a degree that will ultimately get me nowhere unless I am extremely lucky. The odds are obviously not in my favour. As I type this, I … Continue reading Misemployment in Arts Undergrads

People have so many thoughts. Often I find myself always falling short on ways to express these thoughts coherently and honestly. When I speak, I find myself tripping over words, saying something so vaguely or something I don't really mean. I feel regretful afterwards. My grasp on verbal language is so limiting it is a … Continue reading