March 1, 2018

the last time I saw him I didn't know it would be the last time I wish that He could be here with me, one more time to experience things, to say goodbye. but nonetheless here we are, because, I am thinking of him, it's almost like we are with each other. and despite him … Continue reading March 1, 2018



Thinking about oneself, ones feelings, ones past, desires, hopes and dreams is a hugely difficult task that perhaps most of us spend a large deal of effort trying to avoid. This avoidance is so appealing because so much of what we might discover threatens to be painful- we might be resentful about certain people and … Continue reading Thinking


Language can only take you so far. It is a labor intensive task. It feels like an extension of the soul, an arm reaching out from the chest, reaching farther and farther but never quite reaching the point before retreating back into the self as it runs out of breath. A forceful, unwilling extension of … Continue reading Words