Year 18, Winter

When the sky was black and the snow, full of life in the arms of the cold wind, stung my face like shards of glass, I met a devil. He cared nothing for peace, loved nothing but his freedom, a gifted fool who followed the hierarchy and thus attained his own peace. He was a … Continue reading Year 18, Winter



Language can only take you so far. It is a labor intensive task. It feels like an extension of the soul, an arm reaching out from the chest, reaching farther and farther but never quite reaching the point before retreating back into the self as it runs out of breath. A forceful, unwilling extension of … Continue reading Words

To 2016

You don’t deserve criticism for being overtly naïve, for holding our hopes that might be equivalent to thinking we might win the lottery, that things will just all go "well." We should pity ourselves for the formidable obstacles that sit in the way of the kind of success and happiness that is so normal to … Continue reading To 2016